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About Us


Legislationline.org is free-of-charge online legislative database created to assist OSCE participating States in bringing their legislation into line with relevant international human-rights standards.

The database was designed as a drafting tool for lawmakers. Its purpose is to provide assistance to those who prepare and draft laws at the working level. Through Legislationline, they can obtain examples and options from other countries' legislation that can help them make their own choices.

As a reference tool for a variety of users (law drafters, academic researchers, legal professionals, government officials, students, and legal specialists in international organizations), it is the most comprehensive database on legislation related to specific human dimension issues.

Office for Democratic Institutions and Human Rights

ODIHR's Legislative Support Unit reviews legislation following requests from OSCE participating State.

Good and effective legislation is the foundation of every functioning state based on the rule of law. Laws should be adopted through democratic procedures and be clear and concise. To ensure the quality and effectiveness of laws related to the human dimension, ODIHR supports participating States by reviewing their law-making systems and relevant draft and existing legislation.

The Legal Opinions are available on the website: link

Legislative guidelines

In providing legislative support, the Office draws on legislative guidelines in specific areas, such as election, freedom of assembly and political party legislation.

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