OSCE ODIHR and Venice Commission Roundtable on Political Parties in Elections and Prohibition and Dissolution of Political Parties 17-18 February 2010, Brussels


The recent Roundtable was focused on the role of political parties in elections. It took place in Brussels, co-organized by the OSCE ODIHR and Venice Commission.

Among the participants there were prominent professors of Politics Studies, members of European Parliament, European Commission, Venice Commission, OSCE ODIHR experts as well as representatives of non-governmental organizations dealing with political parties issues.

Discussion was focused on Political Parties and Third Parties in Election Campaigns.  This unique role of political parties in elections was discussed on the first day – looking specifically at third parties, elections campaigns and ballot access.

The second day of the roundtable, addressed the issues of prohibition, dissolution and other restrictions placed on political parties and the extent to which these may be justified in a democratic state, ruled by law.  Sanctions, membership restrictions, territorial restrictions have also been explored.

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