This webpage contains legislative acts concerning topic: Trafficking in Human Beings, in country: Armenia.

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Final Comments on the Adopted Amendments to Art. 132 on Trafficking in Persons, Art. 132-1 on Engagement in Prostitution or other Forms of Sexual Exploitation etc., Art. 261 on Engagement in Prostitution and Art. 262 on Inciting into Prostitution of th

Date : 24 August 2006 English [0.10 MB]

Opinion on the Amendments to Articles 132 (Trafficking in Persons),132-1 (Engaging into Prostitution and other forms of Sexual Exploitation etc.) 261 (Engagement into Prostitution) and 262 (Inciting into Prostitution) of the Criminal Code of the Republic

Date : 16 January 2006 English [0.16 MB]

Comments on the Draft Amendments to the Criminal Procedure Code of the Republic of Armenia regarding Victim-Witness Protection

Date : 31 January 2005 English [0.33 MB]

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