Anti-Trafficking Declaration - Task Force on Trafficking in Human Beings, Stability Pact for South Eastern Europe (2000)



"Anti-Trafficking Declaration of S E E"

The under-signed Government Ministers and State representatives recognise the pressing and growing importance of the problem of trafficking in human beings in their region.

They underline the responsibility of the States to address the phenomenon of trafficking in human beings by implementing effective programmes of prevention, victim protection, legislative reform, law enforcement training and prosecution of traffickers.

Ministers express the need for enhanced awareness raising, training, co-operation and co-ordination among border officials, police, judges and prosecutors as well as consular personnel whose nationals are involved in cases of trafficking.

Ministers will nominate high-level governmental co-ordinators on trafficking with competence both to co-ordinate intra-governmental activities and assure regional and international co-operation.

These governmental co-ordinators will, inter alia, co-ordinate national action and efforts on the issue, regularly exchange information with the other participating states of the 'South Eastern Europe Anti-Trafficking Ministerial' and follow-up on Ministerial decisions. They will prepare follow-up and progress reports, as well as suggest further action in this field.

Ministers agree to put a strong emphasis on the problem of trafficking in human beings in their work, to recognize trafficking as a human rights issue, and to address these issues in a regional and co-operative way.

They agree to meet within the 'South Eastern Europe Anti-Trafficking Ministerial' once a year in order to highlight the issue, review activities and give political guidance.

Ministers thank the Republic of Croatia for inviting them to the next meeting of the 'South Eastern Europe Trafficking Ministerial' tentatively scheduled for summer 2001 in Zagreb

Palermo, 13 December 2000