Military Legal Service Act (excerpts)

The Military Legal Service Act (Law no. 357)

29. The relevant provisions of the Military Legal Service Act are worded as follows:

Additional section 7

"The aptitude of military judges … appointed as regular or substitute members of the National Security Courts that is required for promotion or advancement in salary step, rank or seniority shall be determined on the basis of assessment reports drawn up according to the procedure laid down below, subject to the provisions of the present Act and the Turkish Armed Forces Personnel Act (Law no. 926).

(a) The immediate superior competent to carry out assessment and draw up assessment reports for military judges, whether full or substitute members … shall be the Minister of State in the Ministry of Defence, followed by the Minister of Defence.


Additional section 8

"Members … of the National Security Courts belonging to the Military Legal Service … shall be appointed by a committee composed of the personnel director and legal advisor of the General Staff, the personnel director and legal adviser attached to the staff of the arm in which the person concerned is serving and the Director of Military Judicial Affairs at the Ministry of Defence…"

Section 16(1) and (3)

"Military judges … shall be appointed by a decree issued jointly by the Minister of Defence and the Prime Minister and submitted to the President of the Republic for approval, in accordance with the provisions on the appointment and transfer of members of the armed forces…

The procedure for appointment as a military judge shall take into account the opinion of the Court of Cassation, the reports by Ministry of Justice assessors and the assessment reports drawn up by the immediate superiors…"

Section 18(1)

"The rules governing the salary scales, salary increases and various personal rights of military judges … shall be as laid down in the provisions relating to officers."

Section 29

"The Minister of Defence may apply to military judges, after considering their defence submissions, the following disciplinary sanctions:

A. A warning, which consists in giving the person concerned notice in writing that he must exercise more care in the performance of his duties.

B. A reprimand, which consists in giving the person concerned notice in writing that a particular act or a particular attitude has been found to be blameworthy.

The said sanctions shall be final, mentioned in the assessment record of the person concerned and entered in his personal file…"

Section 38

"When military judges … sit in court they shall wear the special dress of their civilian counterparts…"