Constitution (1948, updated 2000) (excerpt)

Constitution of the Republic of Italy

Adopted on: 22 Dec 1947Effective since: 1 Jan 1948

ICL Document Status: 1 Jan 2000

Editor's Note:The text of the ICL edition has been thoroughly reviewed and in part re-written byProf. Carlo Fusarowith the help of Dr. Federico Signorini. It has been consolidated up to and including all amendments until the status date (above). This new text takes into consideration the translation of the 1948 version provided for by the Italian Embassy in London, the translation of the 1990 version by C. Neenan published by the Chamber of deputies in Rome, and the translation of the later amendments by Bernard E. DeLury, Jr., published in 1994 by Oceana Publications, Inc. Most recent changes include Art. 48 (4), 111 (1)-(5), 121, 122 (1)-(2) & (5), 123, and 126. }

Source :ttp://ã1994 - 17. Feb. 2001 - Supervised byC. Fusaro. (For corrections please contactA. Tschentscher)

Part I Rights and Duties of Citizens

Title I Civil Rights

Article 22 [Citizenship and Name]No one shall be deprived of legal capacity, citizenship, or name for political reasons.