Law on the Government (1994, as last amended 2017)





19 May 1994 No I-464


(As last amended on 19 December 2017 – No XIII-934)


Article 20. The Right of Legislative Initiative of the Government
1. The Government shall have the right of legislative initiative in the Seimas.
2. The Government shall enact a resolution with relation to draft laws or draft Seimas resolutions which are being submitted to the Seimas. When debating the said drafts in the Seimas, the Government shall be represented by the Prime Minister, the minister authorised by the Government, or the Vice-Minister authorised by the Government, if the minister is unable to represent the Government in the Seimas.


Article 31. Civil Servants of Political (Personal) Confidence and Public Consultants of the Minister
3. In the defined fields of activities, the vice-ministers shall:
2) organize and control the drawing-up of draft legal acts and their coordination with the interested institutions; control the conformity of draft legal acts which are being drawn up with the provisions of the programme of the Government and the legislative process requirements;