Constitution of Ukraine (2004, amended 2016) (excerpts)


Adopted at the Fifth Session of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine on June 28, 1996

Amended by the Laws of Ukraine № 2222-IV dated December 8, 2004,

№ 2952-VI dated February 1, 2011,

№ 586-VII dated September 19, 2013,

№ 742-VII dated February 21, 2014,

№ 1401-VIII dated June 2, 2016 



Article 24

Citizens have equal constitutional rights and freedoms and are equal before the law. There shall be no privileges or restrictions based on race, colour of skin, political, religious and other beliefs, sex, ethnic and social origin, property status, place of residence, linguistic or other characteristics. 


Article 35

Everyone has the right to freedom of personal philosophy and religion. This right includes the freedom to profess or not to profess any religion, to perform alone or collectively and unimpededly religious rites and ceremonial rituals, and to conduct religious activity.

The exercise of this right may be restricted by law only in the interests of protecting public order, the health and morality of the population, or protecting the rights and freedoms of other persons.

The Church and religious organisations in Ukraine are separated from the State, and the school - from the Church. No religion shall be recognised by the State as mandatory.

No one shall be relieved of his or her duties before the State or refuse to perform the laws for reasons of religious beliefs. In the event that the performance of military duty is contrary to the religious beliefs of a citizen, the performance of this duty shall be replaced by alternative (non-military) service.