Constitution (as of 2013) (excerpts)




Prohibition of infliction of hatred

Article 7

Infliction or encouragement of hatred or intolerance on any grounds shall be prohibited.

Prohibition of discrimination

Article 8

Direct or indirect discrimination on any grounds shall be prohibited.

Regulations and introduction of special measures aimed at creating the conditions for the exercise of national, gender and overall equality and protection of persons who are in an unequal position on any grounds shall not be considered discrimination.

Special measures may only be applied until the achievement of the aims for which they were undertaken.

Article 25
During the proclaimed state of war or emergency, the exercise of certain human rights and freedoms may be limited, to the necessary extent.

The limitations shall not be introduced on the grounds of sex, nationality, race, religion, language, ethnic or social origin, political or other beliefs, financial standing or any other personal feature.

There shall be no limitations imposed on the rights to: life, legal remedy and legal aid; dignity and respect of a person; fair and public trail and the principle of legality; presumption of innocence; defense; compensation of damage for illegal or ungrounded deprivation of liberty and ungrounded conviction; freedom of thought, conscience and religion; entry into marriage.

There shall be no abolishment of the prohibition of: inflicting or encouraging hatred or intolerance; discrimination; trial and conviction twice for one and the same criminal offence (ne bis in idem); forced assimilation.

Measures of limitation may be in effect at the most for the duration of the state of war or emergency.

Article 68

Special protection of the persons with disability shall be guaranteed.