Law on National Security Agencies (1995) (excerpts)

Law No. 619 on National Security Agencies,
dated 31 October 1995, published in the M.O. No. 010 dated 13 February 1997

Article 6. The right of citizens to information about the activities of national security agencies
(1) The public shall be informed about the activities of national security agencies in the manner provided for by
law via the mass media or otherwise.
(2) Information about the rights and obligations, and the main areas of activity of national security agencies shall
be provided in full.
(3) It shall be prohibited to disclose information constituting a state, military, official and commercial secret, or
information of a confidential nature, disclosure of which might cause damage to national security, the honour
and dignity of the individual or infringe on the rights and freedoms of the individual, with the exception of the
cases provided for by law in the interests of justice.