Law on Informatics (2001) (excerpts)

Law of the Republic of Moldova on Informatics
No. 1069-XIV, dated 22 June 2000, М.О. No. 73-74, dated 5 July 2001


Article 28.
(1) Persons engaged in activities within the framework of information systems and networks shall ensure
protection and confidentiality of the data. Data defined as public shall constitute an exception.
(2) For the purpose of ensuring protection of data and preventing offences in the informatics field, the following
shall be prohibited:
(а) development and introduction into information networks of software products capable of changing,
harming or destroying data, software or hardware;
(b) unauthorized penetration of public and private information systems and networks for the purpose of
obtaining, saving, processing or distributing data and programs or for the purpose of changing,
damaging or destroying data, software or hardware;
(с) theft of data, interference in software, falsification of correspondence, transmission of erroneous data
for the purpose of disrupting the data flow or creating an atmosphere of mistrust between participants
in the information flow;
(d) deliberate unauthorized penetration of public or private information systems, even if not accompanied
by listening to or registration of data, or their use for personal interests and the interests of other
persons, as well as for gaining other benefits.