Law on Informatization and State Information Resources (2004) (excerpts)

Law of the Republic of Moldova on Informatization and State Information Resources
No. 467-XV, dated 21 November 2003, М.О. No. 6-12, dated 1 January 2004


Article 9. Personal data
(1) The list of personal data included in state information resources and the procedure for collecting, storing and
using them shall be established by the Government.
(2) Sources of personal data are official documents containing information relating to the subject of the personal
(3) Collection, processing, storage and use of personal data shall be organized and provided for by state authorities
within the scope of their terms of reference.
(4) Personal data may not be used for the purpose of inflicting material or moral harm on individuals or for the
purpose of infringing on human rights and liberties.
(5) Individuals and legal entities possessing information constituting personal data shall receive and use it in
accordance with their powers and shall bear responsibility under law for violation of the regime for protection,
processing and use of the said information.