Press Law (excerpts)


Act Nr. 5187

Confiscation, Prohibition of Distribution and Sale

Article 25 – In order to constitute evidence for an investigation, a maximum of three copies of any printed product may be confiscated by the public prosecutor, or, in urgent cases, by security forces.
On the condition that the investigation or trial has been launched regarding any of the crimes provided in revolutionary laws specified under article 174 of the Constitution, crimes provided under article 146, paragraph 2, article 153, paragraphs 1 and 4, article 155, article 311, paragraph 1 and 2, article 312, paragraph 2 and 4, article 312/a of the Turkish Criminal Code, (Law 765), and under article 7, paragraphs 2 and 5 of the Law 3713 on Fight Against Terrorism, all copies of a printed product may be confiscated following a decision of a judge.
If it is indicated by strong evidence that any periodical or non-periodical publication or newspaper printed outside of Turkey in any language contains crimes specified under paragraph 2, the distribution and sale of said publication or newspaper can be prohibited by the decision of a magistrate of peace, following the request of the office of the chief public prosecutor. In urgent cases, the decision of the office of chief public prosecutor is sufficient. This decision shall be presented to the approval of the judge within 24 hours. The decision of the office of the chief public prosecutor shall be rendered null and void, if it has not been approved by the judge within 48 hours.
Persons knowingly distributing or putting up for sale publications and newspapers prohibited under the above article shall be responsible for crimes committed through these publications in the capacity of the author of the publication.