Sofia (2004) (excerpts)

Sofia 2004 (Ministerial Statement on Preventing and Combating Terrorism) (excerpts)

1. We, the members of the Ministerial Council of the OSCE (…) declare our resolute and unconditional
condemnation of terrorist acts, in particular those committed in 2004 in Spain,
Uzbekistan, Turkey and Russia (…) We grieve the loss of hundreds of human lives and express
our profound solidarity with victims of acts of terrorism and their families. These acts have
vividly exposed terrorism’s inhuman nature. We express our solidarity with the States not
participating in our Organization which were also attacked by terrorists.
Reiterating that terrorism constitutes one of the most serious threats to peace and security
and considering that acts of terrorism seriously impair the enjoyment of human rights, we reaffirm
our commitment to protect the enjoyment of human rights and fundamental freedoms,
especially the right to life, of everyone within our jurisdiction against terrorist acts (…)

2. We underscore the leading role of the United Nations in the comprehensive fight against
We reaffirm obligations and commitments adopted by our States in the field of combating terrorism
within the United Nations, including resolutions 1267 (1999), 1373 (2001), 1456 (2003),
1535 (2004), 1540 (2004) and 1566 (2004) of the United Nations Security Council, as well as
resolution 58/187 of the United Nations General Assembly, and we support the resolution
2004/87 of the United Nations Commission on Human Rights. (…)
We welcome the importance attributed by UN Security Council resolution 1566 (2004) to the
role of relevant international, regional and subregional organizations in strengthening international
co-operation in the fight against terrorism and the call for intensified interaction
with the United Nations.
We underline our determination to support the important efforts of the UN Security Council
Counter-Terrorism Committee and of its Executive Directorate (…)

3. We (…) support the work of the Action against Terrorism Unit of the OSCE Secretariat.
We are convinced that the package of practical decisions that we adopt and welcome today*,
and their further implementation will increase the level of security and stability in the OSCE
area. These decisions will help ensure implementation of our obligations under international
law to prevent and combat terrorism.

4. (…) We reaffirm that the OSCE efforts to counter terrorist threats should be taken in all
OSCE dimensions, the security dimension, including the politico-military area, the economic
and environmental dimension, and the human dimension. Based on the common, comprehensive
and indivisible approach to security, our Organization could make further substantial
contributions to global anti-terrorist efforts.
We are convinced that respect of human rights and fundamental freedoms is an important element
of ensuring peace and stability and prevention of terrorism. We acknowledge that effective
prevention of and fight against terrorism require the involvement of civil society in our

(…) We will actively co-operate to find and bring to justice the perpetrators, organizers, supporters
and sponsors of terrorist acts.
We also will continue to develop interaction and dialogue on the issues of preventing and
combating terrorism with the Mediterranean and Asian Partners for Co-operation.

* Permanent Council Decision No. 617 on Further Measures to Suppress Terrorist Financing (1 July 2004), Permanent
Council Decision No. 618 on Solidarity with Victims of Terrorism (1 July 2004), Ministerial Decision on Combating the
Use of the Internet for Terrorist Purposes, Ministerial Decision on Enhancing Container Security, Ministerial Decision
on Reporting Lost/Stolen Passports to Interpol’s ASF-STD