Porto (2002) (excerpts)

Porto 2002 (Decisions: Decision No.1 on Implementing the OSCE Commitments and Activities on Combating Terrorism) (excerpts)

The Ministerial Council,


Decides that all OSCE participating States, bodies and institutions shall continue on an urgent
basis to implement and ensure the effectiveness of their Bucharest commitments;
Reaffirms the commitment of all participating States to become parties as soon as possible to
all 12 United Nations conventions and protocols related to terrorism and welcomes the steps
undertaken by participating States that have already completed these procedures;
Commit themselves to work towards the successful conclusion of negotiations on new universal
instruments in this field, presently under way within the United Nations and confirms
their readiness to consider, in co-ordination with the United Nations Security Council
Counter-Terrorism Committee, requests for technical assistance and capacity building with a
view to advancing the ratification and implementation of United Nations and other relevant
instruments on terrorism;


Recalls the Personal Representative of the Chairman-in-Office for Preventing and Combating
Terrorism’s recommendation that the OSCE pursue activities inter alia in policing, border security,
anti-trafficking and suppressing terrorist financing (…)
Decides that the OSCE participating States, bodies and institutions will intensify their efforts
and their collective commitment to combat terrorism and the conditions that may foster and
sustain it by exploiting its strengths and comparative advantages: its comprehensive approach
to security; its expertise in early-warning, conflict prevention, crisis management and postconflict
rehabilitation; its wide ranging repertoire of proven confidence- and security-building
measures and its expertise in capacity building.