Bucharest (2001) (excerpts)

Bucharest 2001 (Decision No. 1 on Combating Terrorism)

The 55 participating States of the OSCE stand united against terrorism, a scourge of our times.
The OSCE participating States resolutely condemn the barbaric acts of terrorism that were
committed against the United States on 11 September 2001. They represented an attack on the
whole of the international community, and on people of every faith and culture. These heinous
deeds, as well as other terrorist acts in all forms and manifestations, committed no matter
when, where or by whom, are a threat to international and regional peace, security and
stability. There must be no safe haven for those perpetrating, financing, harbouring or otherwise
supporting those responsible for such criminal acts (…)

The OSCE participating States will not yield to terrorist threats, but will combat them by all
means in accordance with their international commitments. This will require a long and sustained
effort, but they take strength from their broad coalition, reaching from Vancouver to
Vladivostok (…) They firmly reject identification of terrorism with any nationality or religion


The OSCE participating States pledge to reinforce and develop bilateral and multilateral cooperation
within the OSCE, with the United Nations and with other international and regional
organizations, in order to combat terrorism in all its forms and manifestations,
wherever and by whomever committed. As a regional arrangement under Chapter VIII of the
Charter of the United Nations, the OSCE is determined to contribute to the fulfilment of international
obligations as enshrined, inter alia, in United Nations Security Council resolution
1373 (2001), and will act in conformity with the purposes and principles of the Charter
of the United Nations. The OSCE participating States pledge to become parties to all 12
United Nations conventions and protocols related to terrorism as soon as possible. They call
for a speedy finalization of negotiations for a Comprehensive United Nations Convention on
International Terrorism.


(…) the OSCE Ministerial Council adopts The Bucharest Plan of Action for Combating
Terrorism, annexed to this Decision.