Madrid (1983) (excerpts)

Madrid 1983 (Questions Relating to Security in Europe: Principles) (excerpts)

The participating States condemn terrorism, including terrorism in international relations,
as endangering or taking innocent human lives or otherwise jeopardizing human rights and
fundamental freedoms and emphasize the necessity to take resolute measures to combat it.
They express their determination to take effective measures for the prevention and suppression
of acts of terrorism, both at the national level and through international co-operation
including appropriate bilateral and multilateral agreements, and accordingly to broaden
and reinforce mutual co-operation to combat such acts. They agree to do so in conformity
with the Charter of the United Nations, the United Nations Declaration on Principles of
International Law concerning Friendly Relations and Co-operation among States and the
Helsinki Final Act.


The participating States confirm that they will refrain from direct or indirect assistance to terrorist
activities or to subversive or other activities directed towards the violent overthrow of
the regime of another participating State. Accordingly, they will refrain, inter alia, from financing,
encouraging, fomenting or tolerating any such activities.