Helsinki (2008) (excerpts)

Helsinki 2008 (Decisions: Decision No. 5/08 on Enhancing Criminal Justice Responses to Trafficking in Human Beings through a Comprehensive Approach) (excerpts)

The Ministerial Council,

Highlighting its serious concern that trafficking in human beings remains widespread in the
OSCE region,


Reaffirming our support for efforts by the participating States in co‑operation with international
and regional organizations, non‑governmental organizations and other relevant bodies
to consider a comprehensive, co‑ordinated and integrated approach to combating trafficking
in human beings, which includes, inter alia, measures for preventing trafficking in human beings,
protecting and assisting victims, with full respect for their human rights, and prosecuting
traffickers, as well as to combating the activities of transnational criminal organizations
and others that profit from the trafficking in human beings,