Decree of the President of Ukraine

On Additional Measures for Materialisation of Human Rights for Free Movements and Free Selection of Places of Residence

In order to materialise the Constitutional human rights for free movement and free selection of places of residence and to ensure compliance with the international commitments of Ukraine in this sphere, I decree:

1. To establish that, starting from July 1, 2001, registration of foreigners, who enter Ukraine according to established procedures and registration of their passport documents, shall be made only in border checkpoints at the state border of Ukraine by bodies of the State Committee for the State Border Security of Ukraine. Further registration of foreigners, who stay temporarily and legally at the territory of Ukraine and their passport documents by bodies of the Ministry of Interior shall not be made.

2. The Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine shall:

3. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine shall:

4. Central executive agencies and local authorities, shall, before December 1, 2001, harmonise their regulations on free movement and free selection of places of residence with requirements of the Constitution of Ukraine.

The President of Ukraine

L. Kuchma

Kyiv, June 15, 2001

No. 435/2001