Constitution of the Republic of Estonia of 28 June 1992

Amended by the following Acts : Act to Amend the Constitution of the Republic of Estonia for Election of Local Government Councils for Term of Four Years 25.02.2003 (RT I 2003, 29, 174) 17.10.2005, The Constitution of the Republic of Estonia Amendment Act 5.10.2003 (RT I 2003, 64, 429) 6.01.2004.


§ 9. Para 2. The rights, freedoms and duties set out in the Constitution shall extend to legal persons in so far as this is in accordance with the general aims of legal persons and with the nature of such rights, freedoms and duties.


§ 11. Rights and freedoms may be restricted only in accordance with the Constitution. Such restrictions must be necessary in a democratic society and shall not distort the nature of the rights and freedoms restricted.


§ 30. Para 2. The right of some categories of civil servants … the right to belong to political parties and some types of non-profit associations (§ 48) may be restricted by law.


§ 46. Everyone has the right to address state agencies, local governments, and their officials with memoranda and petitions. The procedure for responding shall be provided by law.

§ 47. Everyone has the right, without prior permission, to assemble peacefully and to conduct meetings. This right may be restricted in the cases and pursuant to procedure provided by law to ensure national security, public order, morals, traffic safety, and the safety of participants in a meeting, or to prevent the spread of an infectious disease.

§ 48. Everyone has the right to form non-profit undertakings and unions. Only Estonian citizens may belong to political parties.

The establishment of organisations and unions which possess weapons, are militarily organised or perform military exercises requires prior permission, for which the conditions and procedure of issuance shall be provided by law.

Organisations, unions, and political parties whose aims or activities are directed at changing the constitutional order of Estonia by force, or are otherwise in conflict with the law providing for criminal responsibility, are prohibited.

Only a court may terminate or suspend the activities of, or fine, an organisation, union or political party, for a violation of the law.