Constitution of Bulgaria

{ Adopted on: 12 July 1991 }

{ ICL Document Status: 12 July 1991 }


We, the Members of the Seventh Grand National Assembly, guided by our desire to express the will of the people of Bulgaria, by pledging our loyalty to the universal human values of liberty, peace, humanism, equality, justice and tolerance; by elevating as the uppermost principle the rights, dignity and security of the individual; in awareness of our irrevocable duty to guard the national and state integrity of Bulgaria, hereby promulgate our resolve to create a democratic, law-governed and social state, by establishing this Constitution.

Chapter One Fundamental Principles

Chapter Two Fundamental Rights and Obligations of Citizens

Article 25 [Citizenship](1) A Bulgarian citizen is anyone born of at least one parent holding a Bulgarian citizenship, or born on the territory of the Republic of Bulgaria, should he not be entitled to any other citizenship by virtue of origin. Bulgarian citizenship shall further be acquirable through naturalization.(2) A person of Bulgarian origin shall acquire Bulgarian citizenship through a facilitated procedure.(3) No one shall be deprived of a Bulgarian citizenship acquired by birth.(4) No citizen of the Republic of Bulgaria shall be expatriated or extradited to another state.(5) Any Bulgarian citizen abroad shall be accorded the protection of the Republic of Bulgaria.(6) The conditions and procedure for the acquiring, preservation, or loss of Bulgarian citizenship shall be established by law.

Article 26 [Constitutional Rights](1) Irrespective of where they are, all citizens of the Republic of Bulgaria shall be vested with all rights and obligations proceeding from this Constitution.(2) Foreigners residing in the Republic of Bulgaria shall be vested with all rights and obligations proceeding from this Constitution, except those rights and obligations for which a Bulgarian citizenship is required by this Constitution or by another law.