Employment Contracts Act

Passed 15 April 1992

(RT11992, 15/16, 241),

entered into force 1 July 1992,

§ 11. Benefits for persons raising children

The benefits prescribed in subsections 51 (2) and 63 (2), § 67, subsection 79 (2) and § 92 for women raising disabled children or children under three years of age also extend to:

1) persons raising motherless children who are disabled or under three years of age;

2) guardians of children who are under three years of age;

3) guardians or curators of disabled children.

§ 35. Work for which employment of women is prohibited

It is prohibited to hire and employ women for heavy work, work which poses a health hazard or underground work. The list of work which is prohibited for women shall be determined by the Government of the Republic.

§ 51. Business trips

(1) Employers have the right to send employees outside of the location prescribed by the employment contract, in order to perform their duties, for not longer than thirty consecutive calendar days, and employees are required to go on such business trips. By agreement of the parties, business trips may be of longer duration.

(2) It is prohibited to send pregnant women and minors on business trips. A woman raising a disabled child or child under three years of age may be sent on a business trip with her consent.