Act No. 308

of 14th September, 2000

on Broadcasting and Retransmission and

on Amendments of Act No. 195/2000 Coll. on Telecommunications

as changed by

- the Act No. 147/2001 Coll. on Advertising and on change and amendment of some acts (in force from 1 May, 2001)

- the Act No. 206/2000 Coll. on Amendment of the Act No. 308/2000 Coll.... (in force from 8 May, 2002)


§ 16

Basic duties of broadcasters

A broadcaster has the duty

a) to ensure the universality of information and plurality of opinion within the broadcast programme service,

b) to ensure objectivity and impartiality of news programmes and current affairs programmes; opinions and evaluating comments must be separated from information of a news character,

c) to ensure that programmes and other elements of the programme service broadcast within election campaigns comply with special regulations 22).



Special duties of public service broadcaster

(1) The main objective of a public service broadcaster shall be to serve the public or other social interest, to contribute to the development of a democratic society, to create space in the broadcast for a plurality of opinions without favouring the interest of any one political party, political movement, group or part of society or religious confession or faith, and to support the development of artistic creation, culture and education.


§ 32

Advertising and Teleshopping


(10) Broadcasting of political advertising and advertising promoting religion or atheism shall be prohibited, if special regulation does not provide otherwise 30).

(11) Political advertising for the purpose of this law means public announcement determined for

a) support of a political party, political movement, member of a party, or member of a movement, or candidate, or in their favour during an election campaign or referendum campaign,

b) popularisation of name, mark, or slogans of a political party, political movement or a candidate.