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Law on Profit Tax



Article 1

(1) The following, herewith named taxpayers, are obliged to pay profit tax in observance of this law:

(3) Romanian non-profit legal persons are excepted from payment of the profit tax for the following categories of revenues:

a) Members' subscriptions;

b) Money or in-kind contributions from members and supporters;

c) Registration fees established as under the laws in force;

d) Donations and amounts or assets received through sponsorship;

e) Interests and dividends derived from placement of available funds resulting from such revenues;

f) Revenues for which entertainment tax is due;

g) Resources obtained from the state budget and/or form the local budgets;

h) Revenues from occasional actions by trade union/employers organisations used for a social or professional purpose in compliance with the by-laws;

i) Exceptional revenues resulted from disposal of tangible assets held by non-profit legal persons, other than those that are or have been used in the economic activity.


Article 9

(1) Under calculation of taxable profit, expenses are deductible only if related to taxable revenues.


(6) The following are deductible on calculation of the taxable profit:

a) The sponsorship and/or patronage expenses legally incurred within the 5% applied on the difference between the total revenues and the total expenses, including excise duties, less profit tax-related expenses and sponsorship and/or patronage-related expenses.