Constitution of the Republic of Slovenia

Official Gazette RS, Nos. 33/91-I, 42/97, 66/2000, 24/03, 69/04 and 68/06


Article 15

(Exercise and Limitation of Rights)

Human rights and fundamental freedoms shall be exercised directly on the basis of the Constitution.

The manner in which human rights and fundamental freedoms are exercised may be regulated by law whenever the Constitution so provides or where this is necessary due to the particular nature of an individual right or freedom.

Human rights and fundamental freedoms shall be limited only by the rights of others and in such cases as are provided by this Constitution.

Judicial protection of human rights and fundamental freedoms, and the right to obtain redress for the violation of such rights and freedoms, shall be guaranteed.

No human right or fundamental freedom regulated by legal acts in force in Slovenia may be restricted on the grounds that this Constitution does not recognise that right or freedom or recognises it to a lesser extent.

Article 16

(Temporary Suspension and Restriction of Rights)

Human rights and fundamental freedoms provided by this Constitution may exceptionally be temporarily suspended or restricted during a war and state of emergency. Human rights and fundamental freedoms may be suspended or restricted only for the duration of the war or state of emergency, but only to the extent required by such circumstances and inasmuch as the measures adopted do not create inequality based solely on race, national origin, sex, language, religion, political or other conviction, material standing, birth, education, social status or any other personal circumstance.

The provision of the preceding paragraph does not allow any temporary suspension or restriction of the rights provided by Articles 17, 18, 21, 27, 28, 29 and 41.


Article 42

(Right of Assembly and Association)

The right of peaceful assembly and public meeting shall be guaranteed.

Everyone has the right to freedom of association with others.

Legal restrictions of these rights shall be permissible where so required for national security or public safety and for protection against the spread of infectious diseases.

Professional members of the defence forces and the police may not be members of political parties.


Article 45

(Right to Petition)

Every citizen has the right to file petitions and to pursue other initiatives of general significance.


Article 76

(Freedom of Trade Unions)

The freedom to establish, operate and join trade unions shall be guaranteed.


Article 88

(Legislative Initiative)

…Laws may also be proposed by at least five thousand voters.