Unofficial translation

The Swedish Penal Code (1962:700)



Chapter 4. On Offences against Liberty and Peace

Section 1a

A person who, in a case other than those referred to in Section 1, by the use of unlawful coercion or deception, exploiting someone’s vulnerable situation or by some other such improper means recruits, transports, accommodates, receives or implements some other such measure with a person, and thereby assumes control over the person, with the aim that the person should be

1. subjected to an offence under Chapter 6, Section 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 or 6, exploited for causal sexual relations or in another way exploited for sexual purposes,

2. exploited in war service or compulsory work or other such compulsory condition,

3. exploited for the removal of organs, or

4. exploited in another way in a situation that involves a distressful situation for the vulnerable person,

shall be sentenced for trafficking in humans to imprisonment for at least two and at most ten years.

This also applies to a person who with such a purpose as referred to in the first paragraph,

1. passes over to another control over a person, or

2. from another person receives control over a person.

A person who commits an act as referred to in the first paragraph against a person who has not attained the age of eighteen should be sentenced for trafficking in humans even where no such improper means as referred to there have been used.

If the offence referred to in the first to third paragraphs is less grave, a sentence of imprisonment for at most four years shall be imposed. (SFS 2005:90)