Sessions of the Chambers

Article 65

(2) The Chambers may also meet in joint sessions, based on the regulations passed by a majority vote of the Deputies and Senators, in order:

d) to declare a state of war;


Section 3

Law-making Procedure

Classes of Laws

Article 73

(3) Organic laws shall regulate:
f) the state of partial or total mobilization of the armed forces and of the state of war;

g) the state of siege and emergency;


Dissolution of Parliament

Article 89

(3) The Parliament cannot be dissolved during the last six months of the term of office of the President of Romania, or during a state of mobilization, war, siege, or emergency.


Emergency Measures

Article 93

(1) The President of Romania shall, according to the law, institute the state of siege or state of emergency in the entire country or in some territorial-administrative units, and ask for the Parliament's approval for the measure adopted, within five days of the date of taking it, at the latest.

(2) If Parliament does not sit in a session, it shall be convened de jure within 48 hours from the institution of the state of siege or emergency, and shall function throughout this state.


Limits of Revision

Article 152

(3) The Constitution shall not be revised during a state of siege or emergency, or at wartime.