Decree-Law No. 122 of 26 April 1993 converted into Law No. 205 of 25 June 1993 referred to as the “Mancino Law”

Article 2. “Prevention provisions”
1. Anyone who, in public meetings, exhibits external manifestations or wears signs or symbols which are proper to or typical of the organizations, associations, movements or groups referred to in Article 3 of the Law No. 654 of 13 October 1975, shall be liable to imprisonment for a term of up to three years and a fine from € 103 to € 258.

2. Access to places where sports competitions are held shall be prohibited to persons going there while wearing signs or symbols referred to in paragraph 1. Anyone who contravenes this provision shall be liable to arrest for a period from three months to one year.

( …omitted…)

Article 3 – “Aggravating circumstances”
1. Anyone who commits offences punishable with a penalty other than life imprisonment for discrimination or ethnic, national, racial or religious hatred purposes, or with a view to encouraging the activities of organizations, associations, movements or groups pursuing the same purposes, shall be liable to a penalty increased up to one half.

2. Any mitigating circumstance, other than the one provided for by Article 98 of the Criminal Code, concurrent with the aggravating circumstance referred to under paragraph 1, may not be deemed equivalent or prevailing to the latter and any penalty reduction shall refer to the increased penalty resulting from the application of the above mentioned aggravating circumstance.

Article 6. “Procedural provisions”
1. The offences aggravated by the circumstance referred to under Article 3, paragraph 1, shall be in any event prosecuted ex officio.