Law on the Constitutional Court of Montenegro
(Official Gazette of Montenegro, No. 64/08, October 27 2008)

Article 23
By way of exception, the filing concerning the electoral dispute or dispute related to
referendum shall be submitted to the Constitutional Court directly

Article 32
By a decision, the Constitutional Court shall:
7) adopt an appeal on violation of the rights during the elections or during the referendum;


3) The proceedings regarding violation of right during the referendum

Article 84
Complaint to decide on violation of right during referendum may be filed by an elector
and authority calling the referendum.
The complaint must be reasoned and contain grounds for violation and evidence.

Article 85
The decision on violation of rights referred to in Article 104 above shall be issued by the
Constitutional Court within 30 days as of the date of initiation of proceedings.
The decision of the Constitutional Court referred to in paragraph 1 above shall have legal
effect from the date of serving of the decision to the competent authority.

Article 86
The provisions of this Law relating to the proceedings deciding on the violation of right
during election of representatives and councillors shall be applied to the proceedings deciding on
the violation of right during referendum.