Meaning of terms used in this Act

Article 4 Particular terms used in this Act shall have the following meanings:

14. Vulnerable groups mean persons divested of legal capacity, minors, unaccompanied minors, elderly and infirm persons, seriously ill persons, persons with disabilities, pregnant women, single parents with minor children, persons with mental disorders and victims of trafficking in human beings, victims of torture, rape or other psychological, physical and sexual violence, such as victims of female genital mutilation.


Principle of the best interests of the child

Article 10

(1) When implementing the provisions of this Act, all procedures shall be conducted in line with the principle of the best interests of the child.

(2) The best interests of the child shall be assessed, taking into account: - the welfare and social development of the child, and his/her origin; - the protection and safety of the child, especially if the possibility exists that he/she is a victim of trafficking in human beings; - the child's opinion, depending on his/her age and maturity; - the possibility of family reunification, etc.

(3) The guardian ad litem of an unaccompanied child shall undertake all the necessary activities, including contact and cooperation with the competent ministries, other state and foreign bodies, and NGOs, in order to reunite the child with his/her family if this is in the best interests of the child.