Article 60

  1. The People's Advocate defends the rights, freedoms and lawful interests of individuals from unlawful acts or omissions of public administration bodies.
  2. The People's Advocate is independent in the exercise of his duties.
  3. The People's Advocate has his own budget, which he administers by himself. He proposes the budget pursuant to law.

Article 61

  1. The People's Advocate is elected by three-fifths of all members of the Assembly for a fiveyear period, with the right for re-election.
  2. Any Albanian citizen with higher education and with recognized knowledge and recognized activity in the field of human rights and law may be the People's Advocate.
  3. The People's Advocate enjoys the immunity of a judge of the High Court.
  4. The People's Advocate may not take part in any political party, carry on any other political, state or professional activity, nor take part in the management organs of social, economic and commercial organizations.

Article 62

  1. The People's Advocate may be discharged only on grounded complaint of not less than onethird of the deputies.
  2. In this case, the Assembly makes a decision with three-fifths of all its members.

Article 63

  1. The People's Advocate presents an annual report before the Assembly.
  2. The People's Advocate reports before the Assembly when it is requested from the Assembly, and he may request the Assembly to hear him on matters he deems important.
  3. The People's Advocate has the right to make recommendations and to propose measures when he observes violations of human rights and freedoms by the public administration.
  4. Public bodies and officials are obligated to present to the People's Advocate all documents and information requested by him.