Article 3. Principles of Labor Legislation

1. The main principles of the labor legislation are:

3) Legal equality of parties of labor relations irrespective of their gender, race, nation,  language, origin, citizenship, social status, religion, marital  and family status, age, philosophy, political party, trade union or public organization membership, other factors unrelated to the employee’s professional qualities;


Article 114 . Prohibition on the Termination of an Employment Contract upon the Initiative of the Employer 

4. The following shall not be considered as legitimate reasons for the termination of the employment contract:   

4) gender, race, nationality, language, origin, citizenship, social state, religion marital and family status, convictions or views, affiliation in political parties and public organizations;

5) age, except for the cases when an employee is already entitled to the full old age pension or is in receipt of it.


Article 180 . Organization of Remuneration for Work  

3. In case of the application of the qualification system of work one and the smae criteria shall be applied for both men and women and this system shall be developed in a qay, which will exclude any gender discrimination.