Unity of the People and Equality among Citizens

Article 4

(1) The State foundation is laid on the unity of the Romanian people and the solidarity of their citizens.

(2) Romania is the common and indivisible homeland of all its citizens, without any discrimination on account of race, nationality, ethnic origin, language, religion, gender, opinion, political affiliation, property or social origin.


Equal Rights

Article 16

(1) Citizens are equal before the law and public authorities, without any privilege or discrimination.

(2) No one is above the law.

(3) Access to public, civil or military, positions or dignities is granted, according to the law, to persons whose citizenship is Romanian and whose domicile is within the country. The Romanian State shall guarantee equal opportunities for men and women to occupy such positions and dignities.

(4) Once Romania has acceded to the European Union, the Union's citizens who comply with the requirements of the organic law have the right to elect and be elected in the local public administration bodies.


Labour and Social Protection of Labour

Article 41

(1) The right to work shall not be restricted. Everyone has a free choice of his profession, trade or occupation, as well as place of work.

(2) All employees have the right to measures of social protection. These concern employees' safety and health, conditions of work for women and young people, the setting up of a minimum gross salary per economy, weekly rest period, rest leave with pay, work performed under difficult and special conditions, professional training, as well as other specific conditions, as stipulated by the law.

(3) The normal duration of a working day is of maximum eight hours, on the average.

(4) For equal work with men, women shall get equal pay.

(5) The right to collective labour bargaining and the binding force of collective agreements shall be guaranteed.