Occupational Health and Safety Act

Chapter 2


§ 10.  Pregnant and nursing employees

 (1) An employer shall create suitable working and rest conditions for pregnant and nursing women.

 (2) Upon assigning work to pregnant and nursing women, an employer shall observe the restrictions provided by legislation for ensuring their safety.

 (3) The occupational health and safety requirements for work performed by pregnant and nursing women shall be established by the Government of the Republic by a regulation.

 (4) An employer is required to grant a pregnant employee time off, to be included in the working time, at the time indicated in a decision made by a doctor or a midwife for prenatal examination.
[RT I 2009, 29, 176 – entry into force 01.04.2010]

 (5) A nursing mother shall have the right to additional breaks for nursing until the child is a year and a half old. An additional break shall be granted every three hours for no less than 30 minutes at a time. A break granted for nursing two or more up to one and a half year old children shall last for at least one hour.

 (6) Nursing breaks shall be included in the working time and average wages calculated on the basis of subsection 29 (8) of the Employment Contracts Act shall be paid for such breaks from the state budget funds through the budget of the area of government of the Ministry of Social Affairs, unless the mother is paid parental benefit for raising the child.

 (7) The procedure for the payment of average wages compensated from the state budget and the list of data of the application for compensation shall be established by a regulation of the minister responsible for the area.
[RT I, 08.07.2016, 1 - entry into force 01.01.2017]

 (8) Average wages shall be compensated from the state budget on the basis of subsections 66 (4) through (8) of the Employment Contracts Act.
[RT I, 08.07.2016, 1 - entry into force 01.01.2017]