Charter of Fundamental Rights and Basic Freedoms 


Article 3

(1) Everyone is guaranteed the enjoyment of her fundamental rights and basic freedoms without regard to gender, race, color of skin, language, faith and religion, political or other conviction, national or social origin, membership in a national or ethnic minority, property, birth, or other status.


Article 32

(1) Parenthood and the family are under the protection of the law. Special protection is guaranteed to children and adolescents.

(2) Pregnant women are guaranteed special care, protection in labor relations, and suitable work conditions.

(3) Children, whether born in or out of wedlock, enjoy equal rights.

(4) It is the parents’ right to care for and raise their children; children have the right to upbringing and care from their parents. Parental rights may be limited and minor children may be removed from their parents’ custody against the latters’ will only by the decision of a court on the basis of the law.

(5) Parents who are raising children have the right to assistance from the state.

(6) Detailed provisions shall be set by law.