Official Gazette of the Republic of Slovenia Nos. 33/91-I, 42/97, 66/2000, 24/03, 69/04, 68/06, and 47/13 


Article 7

The state and religious communities shall be separate. Religious communities shall enjoy equal rights; they shall pursue their activities freely


Article 14

(Equality before the Law)

In Slovenia everyone shall be guaranteed equal human rights and fundamental freedoms irrespective of national origin, race, sex, language, religion, political, or other conviction, material standing, birth, education, social status, disability, or any other personal circumstance.


Article 41

(Freedom of Conscience)

Religious and other beliefs may be freely professed in private and public life. No one shall be obliged to declare his religious or other beliefs. Parents have the right to provide their children with a religious and moral upbringing in accordance with their beliefs. The religious and moral guidance given to children must be appropriate to their age and maturity, and be consistent with their free conscience and religious and other beliefs or convictions.


Article 123

(Duty to Participate in the National Defence)

 Participation in the national defence is compulsory for citizens within the limits and in the manner provided by law. Citizens who due to their religious, philosophical, or humanitarian convictions are not willing to perform military duties, must be given the opportunity to participate in the national defence in some other manner.