Separation of the religious communities from the State

Article 14

Religious communities shall be separated from the state.

Religious communities shall be equal and free in the exercise of religious rites and religious affairs.


Freedom of thought, conscience and religion

Article 46

Everyone shall be guaranteed the right to freedom of thought, conscience and religion, as well as the right to change the religion or belief and the freedom to, individually or collectively with others, publicly or privately, express the religion or belief by prayer, preaches, customs or rites. No one shall be obliged to declare own religious and other beliefs. Freedom to express religious beliefs may be restricted only if so required in order to protect life and health of the people, public peace and order, as well as other rights guaranteed by the Constitution.


Objection of conscience

Article 48

Everyone shall have the right to objection of conscience. No one shall be obliged, contrary to own religion or conviction, to fulfill a military or other duty involving the use of arms.