Criminal Code of Albania (excerpts) (as of February 2014)


Article 50

Aggravating circumstances

(Amended letter “b”, added up letter “h” and “i” by law no 8733,

dated 24.1.2001, Article 5; amended letter “dh” by law no 9275, dated 16.9.2004, Article 8; added up letter “j” by law no 9686, dated 26.2.2007, Article 6; added up letter “ç/1” and “e/1” and amended letter “g” and “j” by law no 144, dated 2.5.2013, Article 6)

The following circumstances aggravate the punishment:



j) The commission of the offence due to motives related to gender, race, colour, ethnicity, language, gender identity, sexual orientation, political, religious, or philosophical convictions, health status, genetic predispositions or disability.


Article 65/a

Security Period

(Added by law no.23, dated 01/03/2012, Article 9)

The court may, when rendering a decision, also decide to impose a security period, during which Article 64 of this Code is not applicable, in cases where one of the following circumstances exists:

a) the criminal offence, the punishment of which is over five years;

b) the criminal offence has been committed in a cruel and brutal manner;

c) the offence has been committed against children, pregnant women or persons who, for various reasons, cannot be protected;

ç) the offence has been committed by taking advantage of family or cohabitation relationships;

d) the commission of the offence has been driven by motives related to gender, race, religion, nationality, language, political, religious or social beliefs.


The security period shall range between three-quarters of the sentence imposed by the court and entire duration of the criminal sentence.


Article 84/a

Threat due to racist and xenophobic motives through the computer system

(Added up law no 10 023, dated 27/11/2008, Article 12)


Article 132

Destructing or damaging places of worship


Voluntarily destructing or damaging places of worship, when it has inflicted the partial or total loss of their values, is punishable by a fine or up to three years of imprisonment.


Serious threat to murder or serious injury to someone, through computer systems, because of their ethnicity, nationality, race or religion affiliation shall be punished to a fine or up to three years imprisonment.