Law no. 29 /2012 of 9 August - 1st amendment to Law nº 23/2007 of July 4
Approves the legal system for the entry, stay, exit and removal of foreigners from national territory (summary)
To the person who has been indicated as a possible victim of traffic, a period of reflection is granted, having a minimum duration of 30 days and a maximum duration of 60 days, thus enabling recuperation and escape from the influence of the traffickers. During this period of reflection no removal measures may be taken.
During this period, his/her subsistence and access to urgent and adequate medical treatment is assured, and his/her safety and protection, psychological assistance, translation and interpretation are also guaranteed, as well as legal assistance under the terms of the law.
Authorisation for residence is granted to foreign citizens who are or have been victims of the trafficking of persons as long as:
a) It is necessary to prolong their stay because of legal investigations and procedures;
b) They show clear willingness to collaborate with the authorities;
c) And they have broken the relations they had with the traffickers.
Authorisation of residence is valid for a period of one year and renewable for equal periods, if the conditions previously mentioned continue to be fulfilled or if the need for protection of this person continues.
During this period, the traffic victim has access to existing official programs whose objective is to help toward the return to a normal social life, including courses for improving his/her professional skills.


As for minors, they have the right to all the previously mentioned resources (adapted to their age and maturity), and the period for reflection may be prolonged if it is in the interest of the minor.
They also have access to the educational system under the same conditions as national citizens.
All procedures will be undertaken to establish the identity and nationality of the unaccompanied minor, as well as to locate his/her family as quickly as possible, also guaranteeing his/her legal representation including, if necessary, in the area of criminal procedure.