Constitution of the Republic of Kazakhstan

Constitution adopted on August 30, 1995 at the republican referendum
(as amended in 2009) (excerpts)

Section I General Provisions


Article 5
1. The Republic of Kazakhstan shall recognize ideological and political diversity. The formation of political party organizations in state bodies shall not be permitted.
2. Public associations shall be equal before the law. Illegal interference of the state in the affairs of public associations, and of public associations in the affairs of the state, imposing the functions of state institutions on public associations shall not be permitted.
3. Formation and functioning of public associations pursuing the goals or actions directed toward a violent change of the constitutional system, violation of the integrity of the Republic, undermining the security of the state, inciting social, racial, national, religious, and tribal enmity, as well as formation of unauthorized paramilitary units shall be prohibited.
4. Activities of political parties and trade unions of other states, religious parties as well as financing political parties and trade unions by foreign legal entities and citizens, foreign states and international organizations shall not be permitted in the Republic.
5. Activities of foreign religious associations on the territory of the Republic as well as appointment of heads of religious associations in the Republic by foreign religious centers shall be carried out in coordination with the respective state institutions of the Republic.

Footnote: See the resolution of the Constitutional Council of the Republic of Kazakhstan, dated on June 7, 2000 N 4/2.
Article 5, as amended by the Law of the Republic of Kazakhstan, dated on May 21 2007 N254 (shall be enforced from the date of its official publication).


Article 18
1. Everyone shall have the right to inviolability of private life, personal or family secrets, protection of honor and dignity.
2. Everyone shall have the right to confidentiality of personal deposits and savings, correspondence, telephone conversations, postal, telegraph and other messages. Limitation of this right shall be permitted only in the cases and according to the procedure directly established by law.
3. State bodies, public associations, officials, and the mass media must provide every citizen with the possibility to become familiar with the documents, decisions and other sources of information concerning his rights and interests.

Footnote: See the resolution of the Constitutional Council of the Republic of Kazakhstan, dated on 08.20.2009 N5.


Article 23
1. Citizens of the Republic of Kazakhstan shall have the right to freedom of forming associations. The activities of public associations shall be regulated by law.
2. The military, employees of national security, law-enforcement bodies and judges must abstain from membership in political parties, trade unions, and actions in support of any political party.
Footnote: See the resolution of the Constitutional Council of the Republic of Kazakhstan, dated on July 5, 2000 N 13/2.


Article 39
1. Rights and freedoms of an individual and citizen may be limited only by laws and only to the extent necessary for protection of the constitutional system, defense of the public order, human rights and freedoms, health and morality of the population.
2. Any actions capable of upsetting interethnic concord shall be deemed unconstitutional.
3. Any form of restrictions to the rights and freedoms of the citizens on political grounds shall not be permitted. Rights and freedoms stipulated by articles 10-11; 13-15 paragraph 1 of article 16; article 17; article 19; article 22; paragraph 2 of article 26 of the Constitution shall not be restricted in any event.