Ordinance No. 58-1067 of 7 November 1958 incorporating an institutional act on the Constitutional Council
(as lastly amended by Ordinance  no. 2011-410 of 14 April 2011) – Article 46 to 51

Chapter VII :Monitoring the holding of Referenda and proclaiming the results there of.

Section 46
The Constitutional Council shall be consulted by the Government on the holding of referenda. It shall immediately be informed of all measures taken for that purpose.

Section 47
The Constitutional Council may put forward its remarks on the list of organizations authorized to use official publicizing facilities.

Section 48
The Constitutional Council may appoint one or more delegates chosen, with the agreement of the relevant Ministers, from judges from the Courts of Law or Administrative Courts, for the purpose of monitoring the operations involved in holding a referendum

Section 49
The Constitutional Council shall directly monitor the taking of a general census.

Section 50
The Constitutional Council shall examine and definitively settle all complaints.
When the Constitutional Council ascertains the existence of irregularities occurring during the holding of the referendum, it shall decide whether, in view of the nature and seriousness of such irregularities, the holding of the referendum should be maintained or held to be partially or entirely void.

Section 51
The Constitutional Council shall proclaim the results of a referendum. Said proclamation shall be included in the Decree promulgating the statute in favour of which the people have voted.