Law No. 753 on the Information and Security Service of the Republic of Moldova,
dated 23 December 1999,published in the M.O. No. 156, dated 31 December 1999


Article 5. The right of the public to information about the Service’s activities
(1) The public shall be informed about the activities of the Service in the manner provided for by law via the mass
media or otherwise.
(2) Information about the rights and obligations and the main areas of activity of the Service shall be provided in
(3) It shall be prohibited to disclose information constituting a state, military, official or commercial secret, or
information of a confidential nature, disclosure of which might cause damage to national security, the honour
and dignity of the individual or infringe on the rights and freedoms of the individual, with the exception of the
cases provided for by law in the interests of justice.
Article 6. Protection of information about the activities of the Service
(1) Individuals accepted for military service (work) with the Service, as well as those allowed access to
information about the activities of the Service, shall undergo a clearance to gain access to information
constituting a state secret, unless some other procedure is provided for by law.
(2) Individuals allowed access in the manner provided for by law to information about the activities of the Service
constituting a state secret shall be held liable under law for its disclosure.
(3) Documents and materials containing information about the Service personnel, persons assisting or having
assisted them on a covert basis, as well as about the organization, tactics, means and methods by which the
Service carries out criminal investigations shall constitute state secrets and shall be stored in the Service
archives. The materials of the Service archives that are of historical and scientific value shall be declassified
and handed over for storage in the National Archives of the Republic of Moldova in the manner provided for by