Constitution of the Republic of Moldova (excerpts)


Article 32. Freedom of opinion and expression

(1) Every citizen shall be guaranteed the freedom of thought and opinion, as well as the freedom of expression in public by way of word, image or any other means possible.

(2) The freedom of expression may not prejudice the honour, dignity or the right of the other person to hold his/her own viewpoint.

(3) The law shall forbid and prosecute all actions aimed at denying and slandering of the State and people, the instigation to sedition, war of aggression, national, racial or religious hatred, the incitement to discrimination, territorial separatism, public violence, or other manifestations encroaching upon the constitutional regime.


Article 34. Right of access to information

(1) The right of a person to have access to any kind of information of public interest shall not be curtailed.

(2) Public authorities, pursuant to their assigned competence, shall be compelled to ensure that citizens are correctly informed both on public affairs and issues of personal interest.

(3) The right of access to information may not prejudice either the measures of citizens' protection or the national security.

(4) The state and private mass - media means shall be bound to provide the correct information to the public opinion.

(5) The public mass- media means shall not be subject to censorship.