Law on Prohibition of Discrimination of Bosnia and Herzegovina (2009) (excerpt)


Article 2


Discrimination, in terms of this Law, shall be every different treatment including every exclusion, limitation or preference based on real or assumed features towards any person or group of persons on grounds of their race, skin colour, language, religion, ethnic affiliation, national or social origin, connection to a national minority, political or any other persuasion, property, membership in trade union or any other association, education, social status and sex, sexual expression or sexual orientation, and every other circumstance with a purpose or a consequence to disable or endanger recognition, enjoyment or realization, of rights and freedoms in all areas of public life. Prohibition of discrimination shall be applied to all public bodies, all natural and legal persons, in public and private sector, in all spheres, especially: employment, membership in professional organisations, education, training, housing, health, social protection, goods and services designated for public and public places together with performing economic activities and public services.