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Criminal Code of Greece (excerpts)


Aggravating circumstances

Article 79

(3) The perpetration of an act of hatred committed for reasons of race, color of skin, religion, descent, national or ethnic origin or sexual orientation or gender identity of the victim constitutes an aggravating circumstance and the sentence will not be subjected to suspension

Incitement to racial discrimination, hatred or violence
Article 1(1) of Act 927/25.6.1979, supplemented by Section 24 of Act 1419/8.3.1984 1984and
amended by section 72 of Act 2910/2001.
1. Anyone who publically, either verbally or through the press, or via written texts or pictorial representations or through any other mean incites, in purpose, acts or actions which can cause discriminations, hate or violence against a person or a group of people solely because of reasons of race or ethnic origin, is punished up to two years imprisonment or fine or both these sentences.
2. (…)