Law no. 132 of 4 July 2008
amending and supplementing
Law no. 142/1999 on state support for clergy salaries

 Article I. - Law no. 142/1999 on state support for clergy salaries, published in the Official Journal, Part I, no. 361 from 29 July 1999, is amended and supplemented as follows:

    1. Article 1 (1) and (3) is amended as follows:
   "Art. 1 - (1) Romania supports the recognized denominations by paying clergy, from the state’s budget, at their request, according to the Law no. 489/2006 on liberty of religion and general status of denominations.
    (3) The number of clerical staff’s functions remunerated from the state’s budget shall be approved annually by the Ministry of Culture and Denominations, at the proposals of the recognized denominations’ leadership, given the number of adherents of each denomination, according to the last censorship, real needs and the fund allocated for this purpose.

   2. Article 2 is amended as follows:
   "Art. 2 - (1) The remuneration of the state budget clerical staff operating in the country, within the recognized Romanian denominations, shall be as follows:
   a) denominations’ leadership staff, assimilated to the public dignity functions, shall receive a monthly allowance, set out in Appendix 1. The monthly allowance is the only form of remuneration for the respective staff and represents the basis for determining their rights and obligations, determined proportionally to their income;
     b) denominations’ leadership staff, other than that stipulated in letter. a) shall receive monthly salary, according to its functions according to Appendix 2;
    c) clerical staff performing its activity within religious unities shall receive monthly basic salaries, according to their studies and professional rank, according to Appendix 3.
    (2) The number of jobs for clerical staff may be increased annually by the state budget law.
    (3) The amount of the monthly supplement for clerical staff, according to Appendices 1-3, may be increased by the laws on wage increases granted to the employed staff of budgetary units.
    (4) The monthly allowances and supplement paid from the state budget under par. (1), are in gross amount and are taxable under the law."
   3. After article 2 insert a new article is inserted 2¹:
   "Article 2¹. - (1) The clerical staff employed in rural religious units with low income, may benefit from an additional 25% monthly supplement, according to Art. 2. (1 ) letter. c).
    (2) The criteria under which units of worship are considered with low income, according to par. (1), are determined by the methodological rules of application of this law.
    (3) The clerical staff can benefit from 30% of all clerical positions listed in Appendix 3, to which supplements to salary shall be allocated, under the provisions of paragraph. (1).
    (4) The number of positions determined according to par. (3) shall be assigned to churches proportionally to the number of believers, according to the latest census, and real needs.
    (5) According to the annual number of positions, the worship central units submit to the Ministry of Culture and Denominations motivated proposals nominating the clerical staff would need additional monthly support that meet the conditions and criteria under par. (1) and (2).
    (6) The lists of the units whose clerical staff receives additional monthly support under par. (1) and their amendments shall be established at the central units’ proposal and approved annually by the Minister of Culture and Denominations’ order.
    (7) The clerical staff from the units which obtain incomes from renting or leasing their properties."
    4. Article 3 is amended as follows:
    "Art. 3 – The professional degree employment conditions provided in art. 2. (1). c) shall be approved by the Ministry of Culture and Denominations, at the the proposal of the recognized denominations."

    5. Article 4 is amended as follows:
    "Art. 4 - The state budget shall allocate through the Ministry of Culture and Denominations, according to Art. 2 and 2¹, state social security, health and unemployment contributions and other statutory contributions provided by law for the employer”.

    6. Article 5 (1) - (3) is amended as follows:
    "Art. 5 - (a) To support the Romanian religious settlements abroad, performing special activities to maintain cultural, religious and linguistic identity, of the Romanians from abroad, an amount equivalent in lei with EUR 200 000 per month shall be allocated from state budget by the central unit of worship from Romania.
   (2) The amount referred to in para. (1) shall be allocated to the recognized denominations’ central units through the budget of the Ministry of Culture and Denominations.
    (3) The amount referred to in paragraph (1) shall be established by the recognized denominations’ national central units, along with those from abroad, to be used for supplementing the salaries of those units’ clerical staff, including contributions to social, health and unemployment insurance, as well as other contributions prescribed by law. The denominations’ central unit from Romania shall justify the use of this amount by submitting to the Ministry of Culture and Denominations the necessary documents required by the legal norms in force."

    7. Article 9 is amended as follows:
    "Article 9. – The use of funds allocated from state budget, according to this law, shall be controlled by the Ministry of Culture and Denominations and other bodies authorized by law."

     8. Article 10 is amended as follows:
    "Article 10. - Appendixes 1-3 are part of this law."













Appendix 1



The amount of the monthly supplement to the salaries of the denominations’ leadership, assimilated to those of the public dignity functions



  Maximum number of positions The amount
   Romanian Orthodox Church Patriarch  1 8.357
    Main Archbishop, metropolitan of the Romanian Orthodox Church and the Roman Catholic Church  11 7.698
  Archbishop, worship leader (metropolitan, bishop, mufti, chief rabbi, union president, president)  16
4.  Bishop, Patriarchal Vicar Bishop  39 6.629
   Auxiliary Bishop, Bishop, auxiliary bishop, priest-vicar 24



Appendix 2


The amount of the monthly supplement to the salaries of the employed denominations’ leadership clerical staff of the recognized denominations, other that the one assimilated to the function of public dignity 
 No.  Function Maximum number of positions  The amount
1. Vice president of union, administrative patriarchal vicar, vicar-general, secretary general, patriarchal adviser, senior rabbi  46
   Patriarchal secretary, church inspector general, administrative assistant to the diocesan, episcopal vicar  41
   Secretary of the patriarchal Chancery, diocesan adviser, diocesan secretary, diocesan inspector, exarch, dean         715
4.  Superior abbot





Appendix 3

The amount of the monthly supplement to the salaries of the employed clerical staff of the recognized denominations
No. Function Maximum number of positions
 The amount
 Priest, deacon, pastor, preacher, imam,rabin, cantor, cantor, religious officiant  15.237
  Higher education:
 -          Rank I
 -          Rank II 
 -        final   
 -     beginner                                10.957
  High school:
 -          Rank I
 -          Rank II
 -          final
 -          beginner