Law no. 142 of 27 July 1999
on State Support for Clergy Salaries

(Text document published in the Official Gazette, Part I, No. 361 dated 29 July 1999)

    Article 1 (1) Romania supports the recognized denominations by paying clergy, at their request, from the state’s budget.
    (2) The clerical staff that falls under this law shall preserve the status of employees of the recognized religious denomination.
    (3) The number of clerical staff’s functions remunerated from the state’s budget shall be approved annually by the State Secretariat for Denominations, at the proposals of the recognized denominations’ leadership, given the number of adherents of each denomination, and the fund allocated for this purpose.

    Article 2 (1) The remuneration of the state budget clerical staff operating in the country, within the recognized Romanian denominations, shall be as follows:
    a) denominations’ leadership staff, assimilated to the public dignity functions, shall receive a monthly allowance, based on the multiplication factor and the sector benchmark set out in Appendix 1A. The monthly allowance is the only form of remuneration for the respective staff and represents the basis for determining their rights and obligations, determined proportionally to their income;
    b) denominations’ leadership staff, other than that stipulated in letter. a) shall receive monthly salary, based on the multiplication factor and the sector benchmark set out in Appendix 1B;
    c) clerical staff performing its activity within religious unities shall receive monthly basic salaries, based on the multiplication factor and the sector benchmark set out in Appendix 2.
    (2) Basic monthly salaries and allocations, calculated according to par. (1), represent the gross amount and are taxable under the law.

    Article 3 The criteria for determining the basic salaries between the limits and conditions of clerical staff’s professional employment ranks, provided in art. 2. (1). c) shall be approved by the State Secretariat for Denominations, at the proposal of denominations’ leadership.

    Article 4 The state budget shall allocate through the State Secretariat for Denominations, according to Art. 2, state social security, health and unemployment contributions.

    Article 5 (1) Since the date of entry into force of this law, from the state budget shall be allocated, by Government’s decision, for the clerical Romanian staff, an amount equivalent with the Romanian staff sent in diplomatic, consular and other Romanian missions abroad, in lei, in order to support the establishments of the Orthodox Romanian Church from abroad to maintain its cultural, linguistic and religious identity. 
    (2) The afferent state budgetary fund, provided in par. (1), including funds to pay social security, health and unemployment contributions, shall be ensured by the State Secretariat for Denominations’ budget for a total amount of 52 positions.

   Article 6 Starting form the entry into force of this document, the clerical staff stipulated in Art. 2 and 5 shall not receive other contributions from the state budget, provided under the Government’s Ordinance no. 4 / 1993 on granting contributions from the state budget to complement the orthodox denominations’ staff’s salaries within an outside the country, approved by Law no. 88/1994, with subsequent amendments and the Government’s Ordinance no. 38/1994 on the establishment of some form of financial support for religious establishments with low or no income and granting allowances to bishops and the denominations’ leadership bodies, adopted by Law no. 130/1994.

    Article 7 The clerical staff employed in the budgetary units shall not fall under the provisions of this law, but be remunerated according to the legal provisions governing the salaries of the personnel employed in these units.

    Article 8 The rights provided by this law shall be further applied to the religious staff which do not fall under the prescriptions of this law.

    Article 9 The use of allocated state budget funds, according to this law, shall be controlled by the State Secretariat for Denominations and other bodies authorized by law.

    Article 10 Appendixes 1A, 1B and 2 are part of this law.

    Article 11 The Government will develop detailed rules for implementing the provisions of this law, at the proposal to the State Secretariat for Denominations, after consulting the recognized denominations.

APPENDIX 1A - Functions and multiplication factors for establishing religious leadership staff’s allowances of the recognized religious units and denominations in Romania, assimilated to functions of public dignity.


No. / function / maximum no. of positions / multiplication factor
1. Patriarch / 1 / 20 300
2. Metropolitan Bishop, Archbishop, Chief Rabbi, Mufti, Bishop / 22 / 17 600
3. Bishop, president of union, senior delegate, patriarchal vicar bishop / 29 / 15 400
4. Auxiliary Bishop, priest, vicar / 21 / 13 000

APPENDIX 1B - Functions and multiplication factors for determining the salaries of management personnel of religious denominations and the units recognized in Romania.


No. / function / maximum no. of positions / multiplication factor
1. Union vice president, delegate, independent vicar, administrative patriarchal vicar, general vicar, general secretary, patriarchal counselor / 37 / 6000
2. Patriarchal secretary, church Inspector General, Administrative Assistant / 28 / 5200
3. Diocesan Advisor, Diocesan Secretary, Diocesan Inspector, Eparch, secretary dean at the Office of Holy Synod / 531 / 3600
4. Superior abbot / 365 / 2700

APPENDIX 2 - Church personnel employed in the units that belong to religious denominations recognized in Romania


No / function / maximum no. of positions/ minimum multiplication factor
Priest, deacon, pastor, preacher, imam.

1. Higher education: / 9887
• Rank I / 1495 / 1755 / 2310
• Rank II / 3845 / 1470 / 1950
• final / 2096 / 1370 / 1855
• beginner / 2451 / 1350 / -

2. High school: / 3603
• Rank I / 295 / 1370 / 1855
• Rank II / 762 / 1275 / 1635
• final / 1435 / 1260 / 1540
• beginner / 1111 / 1250 / -