Law no. 103 of 22 September 1992 on the denominations’ exclusive right to produce objects of religious worship

(The text of the document is published in the Official Journal, Part I, no. 224 from 1 October 1992)

Article 1
The Romanian Orthodox Church and other religious denominations, have the exclusive right to manufacture and use religious objects and vestments, as well as to print religious books, with theological or religious content, necessary to practice religion.
According to this law, objects of worship include liturgical vessels or lithographed metal icons, crosses, church furniture, small crosses and medallions with images, specific to religious denominations. Religious calendars and necessary products for worship activity of worship like incense and candles, except decorative ones and those for weddings and baptisms shall be assimilated to worship objects.
The worship clothing, under this law, are fabrics and specific embroideries garments required for their manufacturing.
Theological textbooks, manuals and necessary courses for carrying out religious activities in the respective denomination’s educational institutions shall also be assimilated to worship objects
Article 2
The production or use of the goods specified in Art.1 by other persons or legal entities than denominations might be done with their preliminary authorization, in the terms established by each denomination.
Article 3
Postcards, flyers, art albums and videos presenting churches or religious art objects, except that part of the national cultural heritage, shall be produced only with the respective denomination’s authorization.
Article 4
Violation of Art. 1 constitutes a contravention, if the offense is not a crime under the law and shall be punished with fine from 100,000 lei to 500,000 lei.
The contravention shall be established and applied by the police, mayors or Ministry of Finance’s control bodies.
Article 5
The production and use of objects and products necessary for religious activities stipulated in art. 1 are exempt from taxes.

This law was adopted by the Chamber of Deputies during its meeting of July 7, 1992, according to art. 74 para. (2) of the Romanian Constitution.



PRESIDENT of the Chamber of Deputies
Martian DAN
PRESIDENT of the Senate