The Constitution of Romania
amended and completed by the Law No. 429/2003 on the revision of the Constitution of Romania,
published in the Official Gazette of Romania, Part I, No. 758 of 29 October 2003

Article 29
Freedom of conscience
(1) Freedom of thought, opinion, and religious beliefs may not be restricted in any form whatsoever. No one may be compelled to embrace an opinion or religion contrary to his own convictions.
(2) Freedom of conscience is guaranteed; it must be manifested in a spirit of tolerance and mutual respect.
(3) All religions shall be free and organized in accordance with their own statutes, under the terms stipulated by law.
(4) Any forms, means, acts or actions of religious enmity shall be prohibited in the relationships among the religious denominations.
(5) Religious denominations shall be autonomous from the State and shall enjoy support from it, including the facilitation of religious assistance in the army, in hospitals, prisons, asylums and orphanages.
(6) Parents or legal tutors have the right to ensure, in accordance with their own convictions, the education of the minor children whose responsibility devolves on them.