Incitement to hatred / Dissemination of racist ideas

§283: punishment with imprisonment of up to 2 years for public incitement to hatred or discrimination on the basis of race, ethnicity or religion; public dissemination of ideologies aimed at the systematic disparagement or defamation of members of a race, ethnicity or religion; organisation, promotion or participation in propaganda actions with the same objective; public disparagement of discrimination on the basis of race, ethnicity or religion in a manner violating human dignity […] manufacture, importation, storage, distribution, recommendation, exhibition or presentation of documents (etc) whose content is racially discriminatory (unless the material serves the purpose of art, science, research, education, appropriate reporting on current events or history)

Holocaust denial

§283: public denial or trivialisation or attempts to justify genocide or other crimes against humanity

Personal violence
Destruction of property
Civil rights violations


§283: denial of a service that is meant for the general public on the basis of race, ethnicity of religion


Racist organizations

§283: participation as a member in an association whose activity consists of promoting or inciting racial discrimination